New Donation Milestone Reached

Hey, vegan fam! We have some amazing news to share with you today. Thanks to your incredible support, we have now raised over 500 USD in support of Mercy for Animals, a non-profit organization that fights for the rights and welfare of animals around the world. How awesome is that?

If you did not know about Mercy for Animals, they are doing such important work to expose animal cruelty and advocate for better laws and inspire compassion. Please visit their website HERE

mercy for animals

We are so grateful for all of you who have joined us on this journey. You are not only rocking some cool  unique and comfy clothes, but you are also making a difference in the lives of countless animals. You are the best!

What we can do together the possibilities are endless :)

Thank you so much for being part of this amazing community. You rock! Visit us at and MAKE YOUR STATEMENT